we can't thank you enough...

The list of people we have to thank for helping us goes way beyond those mentioned below. Words aren't enough for the space you've filled in our hearts.  We will make sure Peri knows about each and every one of you and the miracles and kindness that took place as she entered into this world. 

As I write this I have to give the biggest thank you of all to my incredible husband, Eric. I'm not sure I've ever encountered anyone with a more positive, hopeful attitude. His courage and tenacity lead our family through this. I talk a lot about what I went through, but he experienced every single thing at my side.  He is this family's cheerleader and I couldn't ask for a better father or husband. Thank you, Eric for sharing this life and these three amazing little girls with me. 


Rachel Perry, UCSF

Dr. Gupta, Fetal Surgeon - UCSF

Dr. Auguste, Fetal Surgeon - UCSF

Dr. Britton, Anesthesiologist - UCSF

Dr. Rollins, Anesthesiologist - UCSF

Dr. Ben Li, UCSF

Janice, RN - UCSF

Kayla, RN - UCSF

The Family House

Katie and Patrick Reeve

Dr. John Garbaciak, Perinatal Care Associates

Dr. Ann Langer, OBGYN - Arizona Women's Care

Jessica Felts, Coordinator - Phoenix Children's Hospital

Al and Maureen Slivinski

Donnette Brittain & Rod Howard

Matt & Courtney Piotrowski

Tony and Erin Vyhanek

Cody and Lauren Phelan

Sam and Meghan Ingram

Erika McCullough and Family

Jenny O'Donnell and Family

Shae Steven

Christy Minor and Family

Karen Konetzni and Family

Jaime Kinman and Family

Katie Waller and Family

Ali Workman and Family

Heidi Ryan and Family

Emily Elbert and Family

Lindsay Edwards and Family

Dena Wingert and Family

Sharie Damm

Julia Haugarth

Stephanie Brigowatz and Family

Dr. Abrams - Neonatologist - Honor Shea Hospital

Dr. Patel - Neonatologist - Honor Shea Hospital

Ann - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Amy - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Quniton - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Paula - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Allison - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Julie - NICU Nurse - Honor Shea Hospital

Cody Phelan & Willmeng Construction Team

Dr. Jennifer Gerlach - North Scottsdale Pediatrics 

AJ Pratt - Sunrise Therapies